"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late"


Timing and Event Support

fast and efficient results

​Mark is can run a comprehensive timing and results service for your event (school or professional).  Mark has excellent Finish Lynx (Track) and AGEE (Chip Timing) and has the equipment to make your event work.

Whats the process:-

  • I set up a online based entry system that allows you to put your athletes in as a team (and they are there for ever until you remove them).  There is a $50 charge for this.  You can add, edit, or remove athletes right up to the close of entries normally 4 – 5 days before event start.

  • Once entries are closed I then load it to my results system and display the info to a web site so you can see all the entries for each event, I then have another date (normally 36 hours before the event starts) for you to check the entries before I say no more.

  • Once the second close off date has passed, I then display the entries into their lanes, heats, draw for field events.

  • Then I provide you with PDF’s of all the events which you print (based upon my instructions) and sort ready for your event.

  • I then turn up on the day – set up an electronic timing and results system (I will need three adult volunteers) and basically help you run the event (mainly the track) and record all the results from the written field sheets into the system and display the info to the web site noted above.