"If you say yes you are correct. If you say no you are also correct.  Which one do you prefer to say?"




This programme is designed for kids from year 2 through to year 6 at primary school.  We aim to help kids run jump or throw faster longer and further and considered the basis for many sports. The aim is support kids in a fun and engaging way which makes kids more skillful and enjoying sport. 


Lets take a step up from the Junior Squad and look to learn how to train (year 7 - 9), how to prepare for a competition (year 10 - 12) and develop to become a performing athlete (year 13 on wards)  The aim is to look at you as a person and what your needs are that will enable you to be the best sports person you can be. 


As we get older planning becomes a larger part of the process so we aim to individualise your training so that you get the best you can as a result of what you do. There will be the opportunity to do 6 or more sessions each week.