"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence"



knowledge is key

​Mark is a Trainer and Coach Developer in New Zealand.  He is able to support and develop Primary School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, New Coaches / Parents and Established Coaches across all sports who want to understand further the term physical literacy.

We can deliver:-

  • Athletics Programmes (Run Jump Throw for Summer and Winter, IAAF Level 1 (all disciplines), 2 and 3 (general theory and MD)

  • Generic Entry Level Coaching for all Sports
  • The Coach Approach (Mental Models, Soft Skills of Coaching, Long Term Athlete Development)


​Its great to be able to present our ideas and thoughts around coaching and sport development. Whether it be exercise options, the mental game, prehab, speed, endurance, strength, power, you will find Mark a thought provoking presenter who will make you question what you currently believe and do. Mark tends to look at situations and circumstances by using knowledge gained from world class coaches.